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Getting Started

CrewCRM is quick to implement and onboard. In fact, you can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Crew Setup

Getting Started with Crew (Settings)

How to create a Crew App in your desktop

👩‍🎨 How-tos ?

Create & use Templates

Create sequences

Use & Send sequences

🤖 How to link a sequence to a project (default sequence)

[🤖 I have sent the sequence, now what?](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>) 

[🤖 What to do if a talent replies to a sequence?](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>) 

[🤖](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>) [How to log a reply manually?](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>)

[🤖 How to stop a sequence](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>)

🤖 How to edit a sequence already sent

[🤖 Send sequences in bulk (multi-send sequences)](<https://crewwork.notion.site/Use-Send-sequences-7f55ce61a5954866a9f2ed228e8ad5fb>)

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