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June 2023

5th tab in Analytics - Rejection reasons metrics 📊

Our last but not least analytics tab relates to rejection reason metrics! It allows you to track, over a specific period of time, the proportion of reasons why you have rejected candidates. By clicking on "More details", you can get an overview of when and why you rejected candidates, and thus deduce the blockers at each stage!

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New action bar! ⭐

We’ve improved the action bar: discover a faster way to contact talents, add interview notes and move the talent to the next stage or reject them.

Everything just a click away!

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Add rejection templates more easily to rejection reasons 💌

Easily add an email template to your rejection reasons. Associate a template with a rejection reason to save time: all you have to do is reread the email before it goes out!

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May 2023

4th tab in Analytics - Sources metrics 📊

Check out our new analytics tab: Sources! With this feature, you can easily track where your talents come from and which sources convert better, giving you valuable insights into your recruitment efforts.

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New feature to LinkedIn sequences: you can now send automatic invites and messages on behalf of other team members 🤘

With our new outbound feature, you can now send LinkedIn invites and messages on behalf of other team members, making your outreach efforts more effective and efficient.

No need to connect to their LinkedIn account with their password: once they have authorized it, you can send invites and messages on their behalf.

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